• Guests: 7
  • Cabins: 4
  • Price Range: €28,500 - €31,500


This yacht is based in Greece.

Yacht Description

TAKA yacht is a 92.00 ft long motor yacht monohull and spends the summer and winter season in Greece. It was built by Stephens in 1976. A refit was done in 2022. The yacht layout features 4 cabins and accommodates 7 guests. The cabin arrangement is following: 1 king cabin, 1 single cabin, 2 twin cabins.

and a generator.


Up to seven (7) guests: one (1) master stateroom, two (2) twin

cabins and one (1) single cabin, all with ensuite bathrooms.
Tube: 3
Guests: 7
Draft: 8.2
Cruising Speed: 14-15 knots
Helipad: No
Ac: Full
Ac Night: Yes
Built: 1976
Cabins: 4
King: 1
Single: 1
Twin: 2
Jacuzzi: No

Homeport: Marina Zeas, Athens
Yacht Permit: 2
Yacht License: 2
Yacht Mca: 1


BBQ: 0
AC: Full
Generator: Diesel Generating Sets: 2 x Cu
Internet: Onboard WIFI
Cruising Speed: 14-15 knots


Salon Stereo: Yes
Salon Tv: Yes
Nude: Inq
Crew Pets: No
Special Diets: Inq
Kosher: Inq
Gay Charters: Inq
YachtNudeCharters: Inq
Crew Smokes: Inq
Generator: Diesel Generating Sets: 2 x Cu

Price Details

Price from: €28,500

High season rate: €31,500

High Season: July, August
12% VAT for charters within Greek waters
Greek Charter License

Water Sports

Dinghy Size: 1 x RIB 4.70 meters
Kayaks 2 Pax: 1
Dinghy Hp: 50
Water Skis Adult: Yes
Water Skis Kids: Yes
Snorkel Gear: Yes
Paddleboard: 1

Other Entertainment

Audio/Visual Systems: Smart TVs in cabins and saloon/dining area / WiFi access all areas, Internet TV. Independent Bluetooth Sound systems in cabins, saloon, dinning room and open decks.

Handicapped person accessibility (Main & Upper Deck)


Crew Information

Captain: Zafireios Mammis

Captain: Zafiris Mamas
Zafiris Mamas, our experienced Captain, brings 30 years of yacht expertise, holding a Master's diploma A and a sailing license. He has skillfully navigated various yachts, including a decade on board M/Y Taka and previously on S/Y Onyx (Camper & Nicholsons 100ft). His deep knowledge of Greek waters and islands makes every voyage memorable. Zafiris leads our crew with excellent communication and quality control skills, ensuring your safety and enjoyment throughout the journey. Good in English, he is a dedicated family man with two children.

Chief Engineer: Kostas Gkiokas
Meet Kostas Gkiokas, our Chief Engineer, who graduated from the Merchant Marine Academy and holds a 1st Engineer Diploma. With us since 2007, Kostas oversees M/Y Taka's main engines, auxiliary machinery, and repairs. His technical prowess is complemented by various certifications, including life-saving, firefighting, ship security, and tanker safety. During his free time, Kostas indulges in spearfishing, freediving, and mountain biking. He's a devoted husband, 45 years old, and dedicated to keeping our vessel in prime condition.

Chief Steward: Alexandros Tzafolias
Welcoming you with a warm smile is our Chief Steward, Alexandros Tzafolias. With an impressive two decades of experience on private and charter yachts, Alexandros ensures impeccable service and attention to detail. Fluent in English, he takes great pride in providing an unforgettable experience for all guests on board. When not attending to your needs, Alexandros enjoys ping pong and basketball. At 46 years old, he's thrilled to be part of the M/Y Taka team this year.

Deckhand: Efstathios Konidaris
Efstathios Konidaris, our reliable Deckhand, has been an integral part of M/Y Taka since 2004. Holding life-saving and firefighting certificates, he is well-versed in ensuring your safety at sea. Efstathios also holds a sailing license and speed boat license, making water activities like water skiing and exploring hidden coves a breeze. A family man with 3 children, Efstathios is 55 years old and brings a wealth of knowledge to your journey.

Chef: Marinos Paxinos
Indulge your taste buds with the delectable creations of Marinos Paxinos, our year-round Chef. With three decades in the charter market, Marinos joined M/Y Taka in 2022 with a passion for Greek and Mediterranean cuisine. Holding multiple certificates, including Foods from Spain-Tapas and New Greek Creative Cuisine, he ensures every meal is a culinary delight. When not cooking up a storm, Marinos enjoys travel, swimming, and martial arts to keep himself fit. At 55 years old, he adds a flavorful touch to your voyage throughout the year.



Variety of butter croissants, pancakes, brioche bread, turkey fouantre, smoked ham, bacon,
edam, manouri, fresh mozzarella, fried eggs, cherry tomatoes, asparagus, yogurt, fig jam,
honey, fresh butter, chocolate praline

With smoked turkey cold cuts, emmental, béchamel and fried egg

With chicken fillet, poached egg, tender salad leaves, parmesan, cucumber flakes & sauce

With prosciutto cotto, mushrooms, pepper, mozzarella & chives

With egg white, fouantre turkey cold cuts, avocado, tomato & cottage cheese

Grilled pleurotus mushrooms, baby spinach, cherry tomatoes, white truffle oil, fried egg &
cheese fondue

Avocado mousse, cherry tomatoes, fried egg & butter sauce on buckwheat bread

Poached eggs on brioche, with crispy prosciutto, tomato, baby rocket & Hollandaise sauce

Fried eggs with bacon, tomato, feta cream on toasted bread & basil oil

With Drama chorizo, mustard graviera, cucumber, marinated carrot, iceberg, fresh
coriander, roasted sesame & spice yogurt

Ham with herbs, cucumber relish, baby salad, grilled manouri, cherry tomatoes, & light
parmesan sauce
Two tortillas stuffed with mashed potatoes, cheddar cheese and green onion with avocado
and organic fried egg. Served with Sriracha chilli sauce, coriander sprouts and lime wedge
Toasted sourdough bread, avocado, organic scrambled eggs, red chili flakes and coriander
Baked omelette with organic eggs, apaki chicken, mushrooms and spring onion. Served with
salad and toasted sourdough bread
2% yogurt, homemade granola (oat flakes, peanut butter, dried fruit & nuts, organic maple
syrup), served with honey and fresh seasonal fruit


Prosciutto, buffalo mozzarella, tomato, rocket, gruyere cream


With seasonal fruits, honey & nutssweet-2
Praline, banana, biscuit & strawberry cream


arugula salad with apple and walnuts, cutlets a la Milanese with cheese sauce and lemon
oregano potatoes.
chocolate mousse with fruit.
Crepes with grilled vegetables and yogurt, Green salad with pomegranate Baked salmon,
Carrot puree
Melon sorbet
Watermelon gazpacho, Iceberg with pine nuts and helmets Shrimps with whiskey flambe
No-bake cheesecake
Gazpacho, Pandaesia with orange vinaigrette Parmesan baskets
Spaghetti with red sauce and lobster Fruit salad with mint
Tagliatelle with Gorgonzola Italian Caprese Salad Chicken al Italienne
Roasted nectarines with mascarpone
Onion soup, Green salad with cheese sauce, Chicken with mushrooms and sour cream,
Carrot soup with toasted bread and ginger, Tongue with baby potatoes fried in butter and
parsley, Green salad, Orange sorbet
Sautéed chicken with rosemary, lime and cherry tomatoes, Green salad with honey and
parmesan sauce, Chocolate soufflé
Cool tomato soup with tarragon sauce, Green salad with nectarine and yogurt sauce, Stavlis
steak with mushrooms, Eggplant puree, Strawberries flambe in vodka with vanilla ice cream,
Cornmeal buns
Mushroom soup, Green salad with prosciutto, metsovone and sesame, Mashed potatoes,
Syllabub (syllabub) with peaches
Risotto with sun-dried tomato pesto, Arugula with parmesan croutons and sun-dried
tomato, Whiskey pot pork, Mocha ice cream
Linguine with sour cream, Arugula with honey vinaigrette and nuts, Oriental beef with
mashed potatoes, Crepes with ice cream and chocolate syrup
(you can make any combination you want)

Cabbage salad with mizithra, oregano and sage, Bucatini with red sauce, almonds and
parmesan, Cheesecake with strawberries
Vichyssoise with cardamom and carrot, Green salad, Buffalo steaks with mushrooms and
yogurt, Couscous, Flambé strawberries in vodka with vanilla ice cream
Parmesan croquettes, Arugula with honey vinaigrette and nuts, Filet mignon with balsamic
sauce, Sautéed carrots, Romanov strawberries
Salad with prosciutto and garlic sauce, Chicken fillets with bacon, mushrooms and sour
cream, Basmati rice, Cheesecake with walnut base and raspberry topping (Cheesecake),
Cheese platter with nuts and fruits
Risotto with mushroom pesto, Tomatoes with feta cheese and herbs, Chicken Hongroise,
green salad with honey sauce, cottage cheese with brisket, crème brûlée
(you can make any combination you want)

Arugula with Parmesan croutons and sun-dried tomato, Oven-baked seafood linguine, Sour
milk panna cotta with cherries and Drama blueberries
Parmadier soup, Roasted tomatoes with herbs, Sirloin steaks with mushroom salad,
Chocolate souffle with strawberries
Lamb ribs in a pistachio crust, Tomatoes with feta cheese and herbs, Mushroom soufflé,
Basmati rice, Tiramisu with strawberries
Salad with spinach and pine nuts, Fish kidney in a crust with raspberry sauce, Boiled
potatoes, Chocolate souffle
Sauteed portobello mushrooms, Waldorf salad, Spicy shrimp, Basmati rice, Chocolate
truffles with balsamic
Chili Sweet Potato Soup, Ginger Salmon, Glazed Carrots, Basmati Rice, Fondue Strawberries
(you can make any combination you want)

Tomato salad with nuts or croutons, Fried cauliflower, Peppers stuffed with cheese,
Boulangere potatoes, Kebab with marjoram, Roasted pears with whipped cream
Baked Cauliflower, Lemon Lettuce Salad, Lilac Potato Salad, Saganaki Shrimp, Meat Pilaf,
Baked Calamari with spices and spring onion, Fried Sardine, Easy and cool dessert
Delicious buns, Caesar salad, Boiled radishes, Fried rice and mushrooms, Easy ice cream
Arugula with apple and walnuts, Quick carrot salad, Chicken roll with baked potatoes, Sweet
to the minute
Buffalo crab with peppers, Curly salad with tasty dressing, Village salad with fresh mint,
Soutzoukaki with onion sauce, Chicken fillets with beer and rosemary, Eggplant puree,
Veroia rhubarb
Green salad with sun-dried tomato and sunflower seeds, Italian Caprese salad, Traditional
kebabs, Spicy pilaf, Cream with sweet sour cherry
Mushroom spetzofai, Tomato salad with onion and basil, Lasagna with spinach and feta, Fry
with tsipouro, Brunette
Stuffed Florina peppers, Potato salad with yogurt, Green salad with honey and parmesan
sauce, Boiled hot peppers, Gyulbasi, Spetzofai, Pilaf with porcini mushrooms
Beetroot salad, Green salad with light mayonnaise sauce, Barliva, Chicken with paprika and
bukovo, Baked potatoes with orange, Master's meatballs, Fridge trunk
Onion meatballs, Delicious potato salad, Summer salad with sun-dried tomato vinaigrette,
Cod with beer batter, Stuffed sardines, Sweet pumpkin pie
Fried shrimps, Fried zucchini with yogurt dip, Fried potatoes, Arugula with parmesan
croutons and sun-dried tomato, Cretan dakos, Grilled mayatiko fillet, Jelly with fresh fruit
and sparkling wine
Bouyurdi with various cheeses, Mushroom spetzofai, Green salad with sun-dried tomato and
sunflower seeds, Frying pan, Delicious baked burgers, Potatoes with lemon oregano, Apple
pie with pears and walnuts
(you can make any combination you want)

Variety of cheeses with Greek mini caprese, Bread rolls with cornmeal, Lilac potato salad,
Boiled radishes, Green salad with honey sauce, Traditional dolmades, Mix of meats in the
oven, Souzouka with cottage cheese, Baked potatoes with orange, Milk pie
Sunny salad, Tomato salad with nuts or croutons, Potato salad, Boiled octopus, Squid stew,
Barliva, Grilled cod, Melon sorbet
Spicy cabbage salad, Eggplant salad, Zucchini flowers stuffed with rice and herbs, Boiled
octopus, Cuttlefish with spinach, Walnut pie with tahini and chocolate
Lemon lettuce salad, Warm light potato salad, Pan-fried mushrooms, Saganaki mussels,
Whiskey flambe shrimp, Fried mullet,
Fruit salad with mint
beer sauce, Couscous with bacon and raisins, Cheesecake with walnut base and raspberry
coating (Cheesecake)
Mushroom stew, Marinated green salad, Lamb chops in a pistachio crust, Simple risotto,
Chocolate souffle with strawberries
(you can make any combination you want)

mille feuille savory spinach pie with feta cream Cretan village salad
Kleftiko with lamb shoulder hk and Naxos graviera
Raffaello cake with coconut and sweet cherry spoon
Bruschetta with goat's cheese, arugula, duck rosti sauce, Caesar salad with brezaola and
manouri snow Slow-roasted lamb shoulder, stuffed (sausage
scallion, fennel, onions, white wine, garlic, sage, stale bread, salt, pepper)-bake on the
Accordion potatoes boil for 10 minutes and then bake lemon, zest and spices Dip for the
lamb-parsley, mint, pickled cucumber, capers, anchovies, mustard, peanut, black-green
olives, pepper, olive oil, vinegar, a little hot water
For the gravy-garlic, wine, flour, water, bones, vinegar, raspberry jam Panna cotta with
strawberries and biscuit soil in a glass
noodles with Kazum shrimps and scallops Tagliatelle with ragu fish fillet in the oven Cobb
salad with salmon
Banana cake with banoffee ice cream and dark chocolate syrup
(you can make any combination you want)

minestrone soup – open sandwich with mustard-broccoli-gruyere and cheddar
Rooster with white wine and lemonade with mushrooms, bacon, olives with squiofitas
Potato salad with crispy breaded chicken, caesar sauce
Armenoville cocoa with red fruits and powdered spices (powdered sugar, cocoa, spice,
cinnamon, coriander, chili) caramel with broken hazelnuts
shepherd's pie
Ribeye burrito, guacamole, cherry tomatoes, cucumber, radish, arugula, green sauce
Chicken ala Romana
Pan Coke with Blueberries and Raspberries
shepherd's pie
Gyozaleme with mizithra, flower cheese, graviera and parmesan
Potato salad with yogurt-mustard-olive oil-lemon zest-chives and feta cheese
Fish fillet with the skin grilled with colorful grilled cherry tomatoes
pudding with brioche bread, strawberries and chocolates
roasted cauliflower with yogurt and harissa lentils with chimichurri sauce
Tomato salad colorful-cream-pickled tomato-olives-breadcrumbs-fatty milkvinaigrette
Bacon-wrapped fish fillet sauteed ballotina aioli sauce lime duka spice-roasted
broccoli-rice with cumin and Serunding
Cookies oreo cream peanut green (confectionery color) in 2 layers peanut broken in a glass
4 season tortillas-avocado cheese salad-bacon, brie-roasted tomatoes-potato, caramelized
Sauce-roasted carrots-florin pepper-garlic-dill-cream cheese-feta-oil-pepper-paprika
Lasagna roll filled with veal ragout-basil-gravy-red sauce-mozzarella-parmesan-oven
Burger ossobuko mke chimichurri cream cheddar-potato split remoulade sauce
Corn salad-cherry tomatoes-parsley-fresh onion-paprika-cucumber-sauteed halloumi-lemon
Jeez-cake mascarpone coffee kalooa-marmalade fruits of the forest-chocolate
papadopoulou cookies broken
(you can make any combination you want
Tsipouro status menu-( between meals you can have various snacks accompanied by a
stuffed eggs, Stuffed Florini peppers, Delicious potato salad, Fried courgettes with garlic dip,
Tomato salad with onion and basil, Tzatziki, Htipiti, Squids stuffed in the oven, Octopus in
the kettle with red peppers, Fried anchovies, Shrimps with red sauce and pink pepper,
Orange pie with orange slices
Ouzo appetizers, Tomato salad with herbs and balsamic, Green salad with honey sauce,
Vegetables with balsamic sauce, Feta saganaki with poppy seeds, Fried cephalopod, Potato
salad with mayonnaise and mustard, Grilled meraklidika burgers, Grilled Jumaya sausages,
Grilled marinated pancetta, Whole grilled chicken, Kadaifi-based mastic ice cream
Eggplant pies, Mushroom spetzofai, Barliva, Potato salad with carrot, Easy grilled bouyurdi
Aubergines in the pan, Roasted hot pepper, Antidias boiled with feta cheese and tomato,
Barliva, Feta cheese in the clay, Pandaesia with orange vinaigrette, Baked potatoes with the
skin, Fry with tsipouro, Baked pork pancetta, Chicken fillets with mushrooms and bacon,
Country sausages fried, Peach compote
Mushroom souffle, Bouyurdi, Beetroot salad, Colorful tomato salad, Oven-baked cockles
with tomato, Anchovies saganaki, Prawns saganaki
Fava beans, Croquettes, Fried zucchini, Fried aubergines, Yogurt dip, Pepperoni, Macedonian
batter, Thessaloniki fry, Fried meatballs, Truffles
Potato salad, Mushrooms in the pan, Zucchini meatballs, Tomato salad with nuts or
breadcrumbs, Anchovies in oil, Baked sardines, Meat pilaf, Crème caramel

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